Engraved SP 101

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Is there anything better than an engraved gun?  I have a certain affection for them because the man responsible for sending me down the gunsmithing path was a Colt Engraver.  His work was unbelievable! This SP 101 is a Talo edition.  We did the trigger work and provided the Big Dot sight to make it shoot as good as it looks.  If you might want some engraving done, please contact us.  We have done several project guns in the past and they are...

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The Blast Process

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We bead blast finish a lot of the Ruger SP101’s that come through our shop.  Most of the time it is a cosmetic choice for the owner.  There is something about having a satin finish on those guns that is really fantastic.  You could possibly make the argument that their is tactical nature to the finish as well since the gun isn’t so shiny, but that is a debate for the gun forums. Sometimes there is a blemish that can be corrected by...

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Hornady Critical Defense 38 Special + P

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I recently had the opportunity to test out a newer ammo from the guys at Bulk Ammo.  They are a company that services shooters through competitive prices, and as the name implies the more you buy the better the prices become.  Steve sent me some of Hornady’s new Critical Defense 38 special +P. This ammo is specifically designed as a defensive load.  Since most of the work we do is on wheel guns used for duty and protection it seemed like...

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The Revolving Door

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  The door at Mossy Creek has been a revolving door of late.  It seems that more and more of you are sending in revolvers for trigger jobs and customizations  We finish them and send them out only to have more come into the shop.  There are the usual Ruger SP101’s, J-Frames and Ruger Blackhawks, and Taurus revolvers that keep rolling through.  As we got to thinking about this, it reminded us of how a business is started with certain...

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Best Revolver Questions

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I am often asked my opinion on the best revolver available today.  Certainly we have in many ways seen the peak of the great revolvers in one sense because we have ushered in the semi-auto age.  However, in recent years many companies have begun to market new and improved revolvers.  Smith & Wesson has even begun selling blued revolvers again!! With polymer choices, .410’s from Smith and Taurus, and the alloy guns made for concealed...

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Ruger Six Models

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For many years Ruger produced a line of revolver that ended in 6: Speed 6, Security 6, Service 6.  They were the precursor to the GP100 and Sp101. As usual with Ruger, they are rock solid.  In some ways, they are a little easier to get inside of than the modern revolvers.   They only drawback for custom work is that they do not use a coil spring for the trigger return spring.  This makes tuning the trigger a little harder, but replacement...

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Turn Around Time

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With summer being upon  us we are getting into the natural lull that exists in the shooting sports.  Things are hotter, and hot metal doesn’t sound like a great afternoon off.  As things slow down for us, I wanted to remind you of our turn around time. Glock Work: 1 Week Revolver Trigger Jobs: 1 Week Packages like the Ruger SP101 and SM-1 Shotgun: 2 Weeks We have most everything we need in stock right now to get you customized fast.  So...

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Revolver Trigger Jobs Myths

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If you are interested in getting your a Ruger SP101, S&W J-Frame, or Taurus trigger job, there are a few things to keep in mind: Cutting coils isn’t always the way to go.  Cutting the coils on a factory spring may sound like a great idea, but it isn’t always the way to go.  I was taught, and still believe, that replacement springs are a better option.  With Wolff manufacturing some great spring kits, you can achieve reliable...

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