Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is quickly becoming one of the most popular revolvers on the market today.  With its ability to shoot 45 Long Colt or .410 shells, many are finding it is a great gun for farm work, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits where danger may be a snake or a larger animal.  We are offering several services right now to make this revolver even better.

Trigger Job-$100 and up depending on how much retro work has to be done.  Taurus is famous for leaving little goobers on their guns that must be addressed.  Trigger job includes custom spring kit, polishing all internals and polishing the face of the trigger.

Cylinder chamfering-$40 makes reloading easier by breaking the hard edge around the cylinder charge holes.

XS Sights Installed-$100 XS has started to make a standard dot for the Judge, and we finally installed one.  They are awesome.  At this time there is no Big Dot option so call XS and ask for the Big Dot for the Judge.

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  • Pat Williams says:

    I am interested in having my Taurus Judge ( Public Defender ) getting a ” Spring Job “. Can you do it ?


  • Guillermo Pardo says:

    I am looking for a 3 finger grip for the small factor Judge Who makes it. I look all over the web can’t find one.

  • Roy Farmer says:

    I just bought my wife the Judge Public Defender poly. Combined with the Winchester PDX1 .45LC it was more than adequate – when we combined it with the Win PDX1 .410 3slug and 12 pellet combo – we were awestruck. Unreal devastation (who knew) but she can NOT cycle the revolver in Double action – it’s just too heavy a pull for her. She’s small framed at 5’2″. Will the trigger job you offer “significantly” reduce the DA trigger weight? And what is the turn around time?

    • admin says:


      Pretty cool revolver isn’t it? We get this question a lot, but it is hard to answer because I don’t have your wife standing here to evaluate some variables. The trigger job does two things in this order: 1. smooth the action 2. reduce pull weight. Now to clarify, smoothing the action is the most important part of a trigger pull with the double action revolver because we don’t want to get rid of too much spring weight and deal with unreliable primer strikes. Having said that, it is significant, but that may still not work for your wife. We find that a double action trigger job will most often do the trick, but I’m sure there is someone who still couldn’t pull it comfortably. We recently did a J-Frame trigger job for a customer’s mother, who was very well pleased if that helps.

      Turn around time is 1/12 to 2 weeks right now.

      Thanks for your question and interest. Email us if we can help.

  • james says:

    Looking for someone who may can make custom grips for the judge. Maybe a website.

    • admin says:

      I am unaware at this point of anyone doing much with the Judge as far as accessories. XS has started to make a standard dot, but it is baffling that more companies are not keeping pace. If anyone has any ideas on Judge accessories please post them here for the community.

      • Molly says:

        I have looked around and called a few companies, is anyone making custom grips for the judge yet? My husband bought me one and I don’t like it. I love guns but this one does not fascinate me…need to spice it up ;).

        • admin says:

          I’m currently unaware of any after market grips for the judge. Mind blowing actually when you think about how popular the gun is right now.

  • Frank says:

    Has anyone found a source for aftermarket night sights for the Taurus Judge, Stainless Steel, not poly framed.

  • Robert hadley says:

    Pachmayr makes after market grips for the judge and the public defender poly. I think it’s part number 02475 for the public defender poly diamond pro grips. I ordered my grips from
    grabagun.com. The grips were like 18$. Also I run the federal .410 handgun loads. It’s 4 9mm size projectiles in a 2 1/2 inch shell.

  • admin says:

    Very cool. Thanks for updating the info.

  • Lee Hatcher says:

    Do you do porting on the public defender steel?

  • Russ Masa says:

    Who makes spring kits for the Judges?

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