I’m often asked, “Is it worth it to modify my Glock frame?”  This question normally revolves around stippling the frame or texturing the frame to give it a unique and better grip.  I think this is a great modification on several levels.

1. It gives a better grip than is currently available.  I’ve tried A-Grip, Hogue grip sleeves and they don’t seem to cut it for me.  Stippling or texturing the frame will increase your grip on the gun and it won’t add any bulk to the gun.  This is especially good for those of us with smaller hands.  Another thing we can address is getting a higher grip angle by relieving the trigger guard.

2. We can do as much or as little as you like.  My personal gun has a lighter treatment.  I like stippling for memory of grip.  Both sides of the frame are stippled for my thumbs forward grip. Others like the full treatment.  Some simply want the natural checkering removed and improved.  From $20-$200 its up to you.

3. It definitely gives you a unique gun.  For those of you looking to customize that Glock one more way this is a great way to do it in an attractive way.






Check out the AR-15 pistol grips.  A definite improvement.